Poop Game

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I just re-discovered this game on my hard drive. I made it back when I was first learning how to program.

Here's some text that was written as a comment in the code:

"This program entails a complex simulation of world society as it will exist during and after an event known as the Great Fecal Disturbance, projected to take place in the late 21st century in accordance with statistical modeling using data gathered from public records dating as far back as 1837. It is not meant as an absolute prediction but only as a representation of one possible outcome should our current, flawed, fecal distribution practices remain unchanged."

Yeah.. I don't know either.

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An event


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That was cool, but after I

That was cool, but after I finished, I still didn't know who Don was or why Poo paged him.

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Everything will be revealed

Everything will be revealed in the kickstarter-funded sequel. Donate now!

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on upon finish the game I

on upon finish the game I kid you not, I released a really long fart which is something I typically don't do. It may have been because of all the space pressing