Two Hours in Two Hours


Type "Two Hours" as many times as possible in two hours. Not fun. Flashing colors warning. PC/Mac/Linux.

Total Bummer!
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Not fun? lol At least it was

Not fun? lol At least it was fun for the amount of time that I played it! I completely don't know what "t-w-o-space-h-o-u-r-s-space" means anymore.

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I got way more out of this

I got way more out of this than I thought I would. I would honestly be interested in doing a performance of this game during one of the Klik of the Month events ( maybe one day in the far future).
Here are some of the mental states I went through (I was writing them down after I realized that they had happened).
-At first I was checking to see if the score went up after every "two hours". I wanted to make sure that I was making progress and had no faith that I was doing so at the beginning.
-Then once I realized that paying attention to accounting for how much work I was doing, I just fuckin unloaded. Two hours Two hours Two hours Two hours Two hours Two hours. It was like I was catching up for lost time.
-Then I got paranoid that I had somehow picked up an extra letter or something in my routine so I panicked and totally lost my flow. I typed "Two hours" a few times in the way that felt familiar (slowly) and then saw that I was indeed scoring each time.
-This caused me to go into my second state of heightened productivity. I probably typed it 75-100 times in that particular secotion. It was alos the most transcendental.
-Then I realized that I had no idea what I had been thinking for the last few minutes and I panicked again. I was like "I have no idea what I was even thinking about, I could have been typing anything!"
-I calmed down and started typing agin and involuntarily found myself comparing my current skill-level to how quickly I was typing at the very beginning. The realization that I had gotten SO MUCH FASTER provided another spurt of productivity.
-So my pride just went through the roof as I was thinking about how fast I was typing and somehow this led to me saying "Maybe I can improve my method. At no point did I try to create an efficient system." Then I was like "NO!" and panicked at the idea, imaginining how much time I might waste having to relearn how to type "two hours".

It was a neat excercise.

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