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I am making "Poor Thing" on a Windows XP system and have never tried to run it anywhere else. Apparently no new windows will be able to run a 16-bit program. Will there be no way for anyone to play my upcoming game made with KnP, unless they are running a virtual windows machine?

I am an idiot when it comes to matters like this and honestly have not thought of it earlier. When I make my game I would like everyone to be able to play it, but now it seems it will not be operable on 99% of current computers...

So this will probably result in a collective facepalm from all of you in the know there any way to make my game compatible with 64 bit systems? Even if it would mean porting and transferring parts of the game to another program. Would that be possible at all or is the only possibility making it from scratch in, say, Clickteam Fusion or something like that?

Help me, I know you are smarter than I am...Right now I do not see much point in making something so gigantic if hardly anyone will be able to play it in their os.


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In short: don't worry about

In short: don't worry about it!

For an authentic experience, GLORIOUSTRAINWRECKS.EXE plays K&P games through an emulated copy of Windows 3.1. That should always be an option without any extra effort on your part.

If you're happy for it to just look and feel like a K&P game, porting it to TGF, MMF (or similar) is usually quite painless. Even TGF1 produces 32-bit executables, I can provide you with a HIGHLY ILLEGAL copy of that if needed. Many people here, myself included, would also probably be happy to do this for you if you don't have access to those programs and/or don't want to BREAK THE LAW. It's probably a good idea to look into porting what you have already to find any potential problems. I know Poor Thing is going to be one bloated K&P file, but I have no idea if that affects anything.

Even porting to Flash is possible, something I politely forced ghettoshamrock to do for one of my favourite K&P games on this site, Breaking Bread. You can check out the Flash port here!

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Hi Sergio! Thanks for your

Hi Sergio! Thanks for your help. Actually I completely forgot that I have Multimedia Fusion 2, completely legally acquired some time ago as apart of humble bungle bundle. I managed to port my game to it and it basically works, so hurray - but there are fuckups of some sort in every frame where there is some more scripting. So I have to go throught the game thoroughly and catch everything that went haywire compared to the 16 bit version. Regardless, it is still a huge relief and THANK YOU. I thought nobody would be able to play my game ever...

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Regarding things going

Regarding things going haywire, there's a good chance that porting it to TGF1 would result in fewer discrepancies, and it would still be 64-bit compatible.

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Aww, I saw that! Thanks dude. :)

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ilu eit

Hey, no problem, it's true. A lot of your more recent stuff is probably even better, but I'm biased by nostalgia!