tofu thumbs up!

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the plot generator thing was something like "a hero eats tofu to save the world"

that's what you do in this game, except I don't know if you actually save the world. ...maybe?

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I like that yellow color is the same color that the sort of liquid is when you open a package of tofu. Visuals and interactions and dialogue all feel very gross. I'm vegan and it feels like an outsider's perspective of eating tofu or something, very cynical! I feel like the plot generator came up with something you'd make a game about anyways, but maybe that's just the way you handled it.

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Jesus christ i am so mad you

Jesus christ i am so mad you didn't came to me in the weekend, i was unhappy you have wasted my time and i will be so jealous of you, i mean, so angry with you if you didn't make the stuff for me.

(Sorry ihavefivehat, but i have to interrupt him for some reason)

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hehe I'm actually a vegan

hehe I'm actually a vegan too, and I love tofu a lot. I guess I wanted to make the visuals very tofu-like. But the game sort of became about violence that is never actually acknowledged as violence; like violence that's presented in such a bland environment that instead of being disgusted or entranced by it, your player just goes from slight indifference to a perverse type of mild enjoyment. I kind of wish I made the map more empty actually but whatevs it's out there now.

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I' m not a vegan or

I' m not a vegan or vegetarian, but I sure love me some tofu. It felt really weird to play this game from the perspective of a person that has either never tried the dish ( everythingstaken pointed this out, and I agree with him )