Cop Swallower

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Like most people, you've probably wanted to swallow a cop. But it can be scary to approach a cop in real life and engulf them in your giant mouth. That's because cops have guns and they might shoot you. In this game, the cops still have guns, but they will only shoot each other. Therefore, you can swallow as many as you want with no fear!


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It's weird seeing you make something in another program! I dig it, your style transfers over pretty well.

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I never knew that swallowing

I never knew that swallowing cops would be this enjoyable. I really liked the graphics and sounds, good game!

EDIT: oops, this was meant to be a new comment, not a reply, silly me

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yeah it feels kinda weird! but I like it!

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The color palette was well

The color palette was well thought out and the motion felt satisfying. I don't know if I swallowed many cops, but I chewed mad amounts of boys in blue (99).

High score of 109! :D

High score of 109! :D

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Kinda Warioware...

Kinda Warioware...