Is This "Gone In 60 Seconds"?

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You have one minute to steal 5 different vehicles in this licensed game made by someone who did not watch or even care about the source material.
Are you up for the challenge?
Kilk n Play Game.

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Just a heads-up to all you 64-bit OS users out there. In the archive file is the GAM file. You can load that in MMF2/Fusion and play the game just fine.

I've not seen any gone in 60 seconds or Fast & Furious movies either but this game seemed spot-on right outta the gate. With the breaking glass, car alarm, and definitely tight time deadline I was excited to play it.

Well done, FirecatFG! :)

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Very intense, I beat the

Very intense, I beat the game with two seconds left on the clock and almost screamed.

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i can't play klik n play games but based on the screenshot it looks both incredibly faithful to and superior to the source material

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Download This.

download this to get it to work

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yeah, I got away with a

yeah, I got away with a scant 1 second to spare! almost pooped my pants twice!