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man i haven't done anything like jamming ina long time but i'm trying to get big and strong for the 100-o-klik
here's a gmae about sisyphus

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i like all the messages,and

i like all the messages,and everything else

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I wish there was some voice acting for these great lines, though speed is key #1 for a jam game. This is funny. I hope to see you jammin' soon!

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Working hard to do what

Working hard to do what you're supposed to makes you really want to break everything. At first I didn't get that up was uphill and down was downhill, though.

Small fun glitch that I found: If you hold down and a horizontal direction, you start to move ridiculously fast and annihilate everything on screen. It's really funny!

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I found the quadrupeds to be

I found the quadrupeds to be the most interesting class of object. Unlike the trees which have no integrity and the people who are obviously failing to fill their lives with meaning, the quadrupeds seem confident like they have it all figured out.