Venture 2 is Lafe Travis' sequel to Venture. (He even wrote a strategy guide) It may be the most insanely ambitious Klik & Play game you'll ever see: 9 themed worlds (Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Desert, Ice, Enchanted, Video, and Mystery) of 4 to 5 boards each. (It's also brutally difficult.)

My favorite is Video World, with respectable versions of Pac-Man ("Yellow Gobbler"), Donkey Kong ("Crazy Monkey"), Q*bert ("Hop-A-Cube"), Invaders ("Space Invaders"), and Atari:

And of all these, the Atari room is just brilliant:

Once you get past the room's outer guardian, you have to wind your way through 15 intricate reproductions of Atari 2600 games.

The strategy guide reveals a way of skipping to every world and upping the number of lives. Even then it's no walk in the park! Now remember:

It was made with Klik & Play and requires Windows to run. You'll also need at least a 486/50 with 8 mb ram -- otherwise some of the levels run too slow and are impossible to complete.

Just fantastic. Lafe Travis, we salute you.