Adventure Series: Military Mans


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Yay, nihilism. Or something.

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War is cool only if it's like this

This was amazing. If I ever was in a war or in a sports match I thought it would be cool to invite the other side for hot chocolate. I wish war video games were more like this.

Anyways, I decided to do a speedrun of your Adventure Series. I didn't finish Buliding Your Personal Brand and I know that sucks because I read a comment about a punchline. I'm sad about that but I am not sad about everything else.

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oh man watching your video

oh man watching your video made me realise that these games don't necessarily scale to the window in the way that i had intended. it's probably something i should have tested more!!

thank you for your interest in my horrible trash (your channel is good)

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salad keith

lol i figured the scale was off but your games were still cute? it's okay if you don't like your own stuff but it made my day funnier and cuter and i really love this game so much lol. though i've been wanting to make a fps based on a dream i had where you have a 'hunting rifle but it shoots syringes filled with baths of ecstasy to make animal feel warm and safe' so it's cool to see someone else's take on make nice in a situation where you are supposed to make the other people sad

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they scale alright (with

they scale alright (with black bars) when the window is wider than it is tall but until i saw your video it never occurred to me to test the other direction.

also i meant "horrible trash" in a kinda affectionate way !!

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glorioustrainwreckes dot com

lol okay sorry lol