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Oh, this is a KnP game so you need DOSBOX and Win3.1 unless you are currently running Win95, which is still cool.

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I am the 1%.

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Win32 version :)

Glorioustrainwrecks.exe doesn't seem to be loading KNP games for me right now, so here's a Win32 version :

CLKL_0_WIN32.7z527.41 KB
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(Hi drub)

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I don't understand how to

I don't understand how to play this.


Not that I don't appreciate your initiative, but like, all of the little dirty hacks that I did in order to make the game work are broken in this conversion. I don't even know how I'd fix that.

So, just enjoy the scenery I guess?


oh, sergio
See, you're supposed to dodge the pucks.
So, you press the Up Key. To Go Up.

See, I made the entire background a ladder. What's supposed to happen is that you jump up and up and up, and for whatever reason you don't catch the ladder when you fall (because that's what happens in KnP).

So, really, it's Flappy Thwomp.

The introduction scene is much more cinematic in the 16 but version.

There's a problem in all of the versions. Because the background is a giant ladder, you actually start off floating because you start off attached to the ladder (because that's what happens in KnP). You can float forever if you really want because you only ever die and restart when you fall below the water. I did it this way because when you get hit by a bullet you lose control, so you fall to your death anyways.


You don't fall if you never jump.
So, if you get shot you don't fall, and therefore you don't die. And no, I wasn't able to figure out how to eventamatically make you let go of the ladder.
So I just added a timer that kills you if you don't die after 5 seconds.

Maybe this is really just a Gantz game.

But because of the way this conversion sort of fixes the ladder problem (and destroys my entire implementation), you never really fall because you catch a hold of the ladder (which is the whole screen, by the way), so you never really get to die the cinematic, sensible way. You die because of my hacked-in corner-case case, which makes it all seem really quite disjointed.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post mortem.

Wait, I didn't get around to the most stunning thing: the top-to-bottom wraparound!

So, get this. When I had set up the game to prevent you from jumping all the way up to the ceiling, hitting the ceiling made you stop. And you were stuck, forever.

So I just made it so that you wrap around. It does kind of mean that the depths below are a one way portal, but it's for the best.

That actually gave me an idea: I think I'm calling stop on the Thwomp at level-start. Give me a second.

Nope, that's not it.

So, let me tell you something interesting: pressing and holding the up (jump) key is guaranteed survival for the first twenty or so seconds.

I was eventually going to make that level end after 100 seconds so that I could transition into a Phoenix Wright style courtroom puzzle battle. I would have called it the parole hearing.

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Oh bugger. I had a little

Oh bugger. I had a little attempt to sort them out, but it seemed futile.

I like your ladder usage.

Cool Story

In the Win32 version, you can gain immunity to all of the regular-pattern projectiles by jumping up once.

You are still vulnerable to the special pattern stuff.

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Same thing if you go right

Same thing if you go right to the top of the screen, I found.