My House Patterns

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Made this with the same photos I used in My Hosue RPG.

Think i might make something in MMF with the Unity scene I've made too, but we'll see.

Made For: 
An event


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Could you re-export this

Could you re-export this using the HTML5 exporter?

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I can't get that to not

I can't get that to not crash on me, unfortunately.

I think there's an update I can't install till I clear up some space, so maybe it'll work later.

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I'll put some dowladable

I'll put some dowladable version up in the mean time though.

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WebGL version's finally up (

WebGL version's finally up ( ._.)

Follow the same link, and select your preferred option.

Mouse cursor doesn't work riht for me, but exporting takes ages, so testing'll be too much of a pain for this thing that's not so interesting anyway.