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Thu, 11 October 2012
(comment)18:55forumGame jams you may enjoysergiocornagaHow about... intentionally
(comment)18:02eventThemed Trainwreck Somedays #5: Crazy ContraptionsEffBeeSome ideas: - Base your
(comment)09:32forumGame jams you may enjoythesycophantMan, if I could think of a
Wed, 10 October 2012
(comment)23:47forumGame jams you may enjoysergiocornaga"Through utter ignorance for
(comment)20:01forumGame jams you may enjoyEffBeeLove the concept behind 0h
(comment)12:09forumGame jams you may enjoySmedis2Fuck This Jam! looks
(comment)11:48eventThemed Trainwreck Somedays #5: Crazy ContraptionsFlaviusMaximusAlso,
(comment)11:24eventThemed Trainwreck Somedays #5: Crazy ContraptionsFlaviusMaximusIf you're looking for some
(diff) (hist)07:31forumnew Game jams you may enjoySpindleyQ
Tue, 9 October 2012
(comment)12:17forumDefen (high score thread)Smedis2DID I DO GOOD MOMMY
(diff) (hist)07:46forumDefen (high score thread)picobot
(diff) (hist)07:45forumnew Defen (high score thread)picobot
Mon, 8 October 2012
(comment)14:35forum24bpp in Klik & PlaySpindleyQI didn't think K&P for
(diff) (hist)10:10forum24bpp in Klik & Playleilei
Sun, 7 October 2012
(diff) (hist)20:32forum24bpp in Klik & Playleilei
(diff) (hist)20:31forumnew 24bpp in Klik & Playleilei
(comment)14:04gameThe MountainFlaviusMaximusTHIS
(diff) (hist)05:36gamenew MERCILESS ARMY FROM OUTER SPACE!Smedis2
Fri, 5 October 2012
(diff) (hist)11:55gameRoboDinosSpindleyQtest fixing bitmap upload
Thu, 4 October 2012
(comment)08:55game18 sergiocornagaA superb game.
(comment)06:20gameMichael Tucker(R)'s Eyebrow Quest!SpindleyQThis is completely amazing
Wed, 3 October 2012
(comment)20:13gameSpike SnakesmnoI really like the lives
(comment)18:50game18 mnogosh I wish I got a birthday
(diff) (hist)14:59blognew PENNYFARTHING QUEST ON YOUTUBESmedis2
(comment)13:36game18 LinhatThanks for the positive
(comment)12:31game18 bcunderscoreWhat he said
(comment)12:13game18 Smedis2This game. This game,
(comment)12:11game18 bcunderscoreAww man! It's added.. thanks
(diff) (hist)12:04game18 - Seven's Birthday Gamepicobot
(diff) (hist)11:26gamenew 18 - Seven's Birthday Gamepicobot
(diff) (hist)01:27forumGame-O-MaticNoyb
(diff) (hist)00:41forumnew Game-O-MaticNoyb
Mon, 1 October 2012
(comment)16:18gameThe OCD SimulatorSprocketAh - thanks so much!
(comment)13:52gameHillbilly Bongo Schoolmnohow did you come up with so
(diff) (hist)11:17gamenew Hillbilly Bongo Schoolghettowreath
Sun, 30 September 2012
(comment)15:52eventName Generator: The Next GenerationbcunderscoreAs a big fan of sumo
(comment)15:47blogI'll Make games. But here's a blog bc i saw the blog entry part and thought 'that would be fun' pt.1??bcunderscoreYes.
(diff) (hist)15:35gamePrehistoric Dungeon Familyghettowreath
(diff) (hist)14:48gamePrehistoric Dungeon Familyghettowreath
(comment)12:07gamePrehistoric Dungeon FamilyEffBeeCongrats on getting this on
(comment)05:44gameCastlevania 10The Blueberry HillThat is fucking glorious!
(comment)02:03gameCastlevania 10bcunderscoreBlunt
Sat, 29 September 2012
(comment)22:36eventName Generator: The Next GenerationThe Blueberry HillAnd all I got--
(diff) (hist)21:56gamePrehistoric Dungeon Familyghettowreath
(diff) (hist)21:54gamePrehistoric Dungeon Familyghettowreath
(comment)19:02gamePrehistoric Dungeon FamilymnoOne of the best knp games I've ever played
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