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Collaboration 2019: Mr. A & Let-Off Studios


A collaboration project between Mr. A and let-off studios for the Tennis Ball NOT Baseball event. We had fun. :)

Click on the different doors and elements to visit our games and other stuff used for this collaboration. Our messages back and forth to one another, starting sometime in the summer, are hosted on itch.io. Also, here are some specific notes about particular artifacts:

#1: BREAKOUT made with flickgame, augmented with rhetoricstu's image import mod. By let-off studios.

#2: Observation Post 0023 made with Môsi. By Mr. A.

#3: Memory Hole made with Clickteam Fusion. By let-off studios.

#4: M*rio made with Flicksy. By Mr. A. (Mild content warnings: may be somewhat anxiety-inducing for some. Also involves falling/vertigo in a low-key way.)

The launcher was also made with Clickteam Fusion, by let-off studios.


mr._a, let-off-studios
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