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KlikPunk v1.1

So, I've been noodling some more on KlikPunk in my off hours, and good news! It's time for another release!

(If you've previously installed KlikPunk v1.0, you'll need to uninstall it manually to proceed, sorry. Also, none of your stages will work with this version, because I switched from XML to JSON as the file format, and I'm not aware of anyone actually using this for anything. If anyone cares, I'll write a converter.)

This release has many usability improvements, such as:

  1. Panning!
  2. Comfortable scrolling and zooming speeds!
  3. A "zoom to 100%" button!
  4. The save icon is no longer anywhere near the "close this app without asking" button!
  5. Icons are a fixed height!
  6. You can tell where 0,0 is!
  7. Simple, extensible JSON as an output format!
  8. The source is on GitHub so you can fix my bugs for me!

Give it a try! Let me know what else I could do to make it more useful!

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Project updates

  1. MarMOTS! I've just pushed an update to the server that keeps the chat logs around after everyone leaves the room. In fact, now, for the first time, it even keeps the chat logs around even after I update the server. I missed those chatlogs, a lot. Probably next I'm going to make some tweaks to not have every drawing in memory all the time.
  2. Kliffy! This is the engine I built to build Richard and Larry Build A Time Machine, and I guess it has a webpage now and some source code released. Look, if you're interested!
  3. KlikPunk! Uhh no news on that front but I did discover that Gleed2D does like most of what I wanted to do, I think? It does have the annoying quality that it squishes graphics so that the size is a multiple of 256, which is just baffling really.

I've also been doing some non-gamey stuff (a Boxee app that launches games and has a not-entirely-stupid way of building the list, an experiment with Twilio's SMS-sending capabilities to bug me about stuff) but I guess I don't have as much to say about it as I thought?

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KlikPunk v1.0


So, I've finally reached the point where my FlashPunk tinkering may be of interest/use to others!

KlikPunk is a tool for quickly composing "scenes" for games. You simply drag graphics from the bin at the left to the stage in the middle, arrange them as you please, and click the save icon to store a friendly XML file, ready for importing directly into your game.

To ease the process of creation, the bin full of graphics at the left-hand side of the screen is constantly updated with whatever you have dumped into the directory (and subdirectories) where the scene is to be saved. No irritating import step! Just save your graphics and use 'em.

If you're interested in using this, feel free to let me know what other features you might like to see. Custom properties I think are next on my list, so you could specify, eg, how things move, if they should collide, etc.

Tab - show/hide overlays
PgUp / PgDn - move selected graphic forward / back
Arrow keys - nudge selected graphic 1 pixel
Scroll wheel - scroll sidebar bin / zoom in or out

It's an Adobe AIR app, so you may need to grab the AIR runtime to install and run it.

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