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I'm writing a telnet server for realtime online multiplayer ANSI gaming and game-creation. Realtime collaboration is so much easier when everything happens on the server, and it's so much easier for everything to happen on the server when it only has to worry about spitting out 80x25 character images. I'm almost done with the plumbing (parsing ANSI escape codes from a telnet stream, an internal representation of an ANSI screen, diffing two ANSI screens to minimize the amount of shit sent over the wire), and it should be pretty straightforward to port my Stackless Python game engine to use this new framework. Might this mean a textmode port of Hax0r?

Anyone want to contribute some sweet ANSI?

Ideas for scripting are welcome. I don't really think ZZT-OOP is the way to go (Goto-based programming! Brillant!); a more Klik & Play-style if-this-happens-then-do-this approach is probably better. I can expand on this if anyone is interested.

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