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WERLIN (not to be confused with his counsin BERLIN) was performing magic tricks, when suddenly his assistant CAT RONALDJUMPER bursts onto the stage with terrible news! The evil DR. I. BOWL, along with his assistant FIREPANTS, stole RONALD CATJUMPER's (ed note: see the first SOCKRUNE game for his story!) and used it to create an army of clones of his two henchmen, ZOMBUTT and GOOD DRAGON. The amassed army is right outside of WERLIN's castle, and DR. I. BOWL plans to steal his RUNE OF SOCKS! Without this magical rune, WERLIN would be unable to use his SOCK MAGIC!


WERLIN, as a powerful wizard, has many spells! Unfortunately the army of DR. I. BOWL has already broken into WERLIN's castle and smashed many of the runes that give WERLIN his power. All that's left is the RUNE OF SOCKS, which allows WERLIN to fire deadly socks in any of 8 directions (SHIFT KEY). WERLIN is well versed in the magic of moving around quickly in any direction without much effort (ARROW KEYS).

Through use of his SOCK RUNE, WERLIN was able to create a force field around him to protect himself from harm. Unfortunately due to his weakened power it can only take 10 hits. Luckily, DR. I. BOWL and FIREPANTS will be unable to hurt him, but they can give WERLIN a nasty shove - possibly into another baddie!


0-20 You didn't even try!!
21-50 You're doing OK, but WERLIN still lost his RUNE OF SOCKS!
51-100 Maybe you will be able to fight off the invaders better with more practice.
101-150 Keep it up WERLIN!
151-200 You fought off more than half of the attackers!
201-250 Great job!
251-299 Awesome!
300+ You managed to defeat the entire army!

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