Introduction to Kliparts

Type: Graphics
Level Difficulty: None
Objectives: Learn who are these kliparts.

This tutorial introduces Klik n Play's LIBS, with detailed categories and characters.

3D Objects: This category includes 4 objects which are the apple, bubbles, helicopter and a molecole.
Backgrounds: There are backgrounds which includes borders, old maps of the world, etc.
Vehicles: There are vehicles such as boats, cars, etc.
Game Objects: There are games useful for board games, language select, etc.
Dinosaurs: Dinos, nuff said.
Monsters: Nuff said.
Pinball Objects: Things for your pinball games.
Powerups: There are parts for your mech and capsules.
Space: There are stuff who comes from space.
Projectiles: Useful projectiles for your games.
Textures: Some useful textures.
Lasers: Same than Projectiles, but they're big.
Boss Sprites: The homage to Evil Face. Includes few boss sprites.
Objects: Something for items.
Bricks: Bricks for your breakout games.
Toyland: The sprites from toyland which includes: Skate Dude, Soldier, Clown Trap, etc.
Special Effects: Things that have random animations like effects.
Music: Musical stuff and characters.
Elements: Elements like fire, water, earth and wind.
War: Nuff said.
Animals: Nuff said, yet again.
Sports: The homage to Yellow Jogger. Includes sports.
Characters and People: Famous characters from fairytales, workers, etc.

This list is WIP, Anyone can finish this list.