The 529 in 1 Klik and Play Pirate Kart Part II: Klik Harder

pkart3 Mosaic05.jpg

48 hours.

102 people.

529 games.

The definitive collection that was five months in the making is finally here.

Download the 529-in-1 Klik & Play Pirate Kart II: Klik Harder now! (BitTorrent, 450mb)

Troubleshooting FAQ

  1. Bad Pirate won't run!
    Yes, sorry, the zip that Dock uploaded doesn't have all the data to run it, and I didn't catch this before release. You can play Bad Pirate online in your browser here.
  2. Collect the Umbrellas won't run!
    This can be fixed by replacing "kartconfig.lua" in your Kart directory with this version.
  3. No Klik & Play games will run! I get some error about not being able to run a 16-bit program or something.
    If you are using a 64-bit computer, which is fairly likely these days, Klik & Play games may not work directly. See our page about running Klik & Play games on 64-bit computers for help.
  4. Some Klik & Play games won't run, but others will!
    It's been reported that some games refuse to run in 16-bit colour mode. Try switching to 32-bit colour.