finger based game no. 1

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Keys: Up, Down, Left, Right: Move, shift gravity.

Press Down relative to the current gravity in order to dive.

Break fingers by diving into them twice.

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A good reminder that games are about fingers.

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I made my way up and down

I made my way up and down somewhat significantly, but was unable to find anything outside of the writhing mass of fingers. Have abandoned hope for now.

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Something happens if you

Something happens if you press on for long enough.

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I like the large

I like the large antagonizing finger that occasionally appears and pushes you back.

Kind of feels like controlling a microorganism, as viewed through a microscope, doing its weird microorganism things.

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i thought

this was a buncha dicks even tho its fingers

i also like how this is sorta like corn clicker but like more of a game, like arcade style

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that's weird

I don't see anything phallic about this game, or any video game, whatsoever. huh!

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A nsfw version would have a

A nsfw version would have a distinctly different conversation surrounding it.

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I think it would have been a

I think it would have been a better game in some ways... especially if I had take pictures of my own dick and used those for the sprites. Honestly, there is a part of me that really wants to do that. I mean, the conversation that such a game would generate in the 'gaming world' would be fantastic and horrifying to watch, given the relative conservatism of the average gamer. But I don't know if I have the balls* to go through with it. Maybe under a greater veil of anonymity. Well the idea's out there now if anyone wants to take it and run with it!


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I do think it's good as

I do think it's good as ambiguous warped fingers, it forces you to look more closely to figure out what's going on, which of course ends up being futile.

(Also, speaking of self-starring, I'm highly amused that This Game Stars My Penis is hosted on and playable in a browser.)

Edit: I think I won! (Or lost!) The fingers, they have launched...

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oh wow! a lost classic!

oh wow! a lost classic!

Excellent find!

Excellent find!



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i posted this comment in the wrong spot. please disregard.

I heartily approve of this.

I heartily approve of this. The ending too.

Kinda wish the audio were as joyously overstimulating as the graphics & scoring system, though. Feels like something conveying one or more humans straining (snippets of tennis match yowls & huffs) or awkward friction (grating a cantaloupe starting from the rind) may be good. Partway through I realized I'd started mentally filling in sounds for the finger-mass.

Is there a particular logic to the scoring system? It seemed like it was dropping over time, changing randomly (mostly negative) with collisions, and increasing as I dropped & when I won, but I was playing mostly just by holding down & right.

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Yeah, among other changes I

Yeah, among other changes I would make to this game I would definitely make the audio 'meatier'. I didn't want to use human noises, but I think the ones I have right now are too videogamey. I was going for more of a pinball feel.

The score decreases when more fingers are present on the screen, and increases when you destroy fingers. I think there is an element of randomness to it as well, but it's been a while so I could be misremembering.