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I got Clickteam Fusion 2.5 from the current HumbleBundle. I'm interested in getting familiar with it for fast prototyping. there are far fewer tutorials for Clickteam than there are for Unity and I like to look through tutorials and follow along. If anyone comes across good ones or happens to make some, please tell me so I can check them out.

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Good request. Unfortunately

Good request. Unfortunately I don't have anything to suggest at the moment -- I haven't touched Clickteam's non-KNP offerings in a while (last time was back when MMF2 was in a Humble Bundle, and I only dabbled for a bit). If there are any good non-marketing rundowns on Fusion 2.5, I would be interested in reading / watching / following along. Curious how the product has developed in recent years.

edit: Picked it up and will take a look.

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Can't help either I'm afraid!

I never really used tutorials for any Clickteam things since they've been pretty simimlar to each other.

Does it help if I/we upload some MMF2 projects you can open and poke around in?

They don't come with example games anymore, do they?

All my links seem to be old plugins.

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Hmmm. Maybe this is helpful:

Hmmm. Maybe this is helpful:

But if you want a basic intro to how it all works.. perhaps you can stream yourself using it and we post help i nthe chat, or perhaps I stream myself using it and you ask questions in chat?

edit: Oh, Clickteam have a tutorial section too:

edit2: Any KNP games you download you can load in CTF by the way!

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A good general tip might be to search for Multimedia Fusion tutorials rather than Clicktem Fusion tutorials.
Note sure if this one is easy to follow once it gets to the event editor stuff, but I've had an idea for this kind of Scorched Earth like game for ages, so I'll probably follow it along.
This stuff is about specific functions rather than taking you through making a game, but could be useful reference later.
Here're a bunch of example projects. There's a Breakout-like one, which is probably a good gametype to start with.

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Thanks. All this will help

Thanks. All this will help me get started. I'll make requests if I get stuck or something.
I can't really stream because my connection is too slow.

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I think the tutorials in the

I think the tutorials in the second link, despite being labeled "beginner", are a bit specific and probably not applicable to a Klik beginner. They also deal a lot with extension objects that may or may not be useful in most games.

click team fusion 2.5is backwards compatible with

multimedia fusion 2 and 1
the games factory 2 and 1
klik and play and klik and create

i learned by starting off with klik and play actually and worked my way to games factory 2, went back to 1, then multimedia fusion 2 if that makes any sense.

All tgf/klik and play games here contain the source code, though there is a way to lock tgf1 games nobody here does. study away all you want, rip assets if you like.

tgf1 was great for learning purposes (it might be slightly more userfriendly than mmf2.5/capture the flag 2.5, but yeah, try that if you want as well

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"All tgf/klik and play games

"All tgf/klik and play games here contain the source code, though there is a way to lock tgf1 games nobody here does. study away all you want, rip assets if you like."

Wow, I just loaded up an old Rylie James Thomas game (Platform RC). That's kinda incredible.

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I can offer Klik help if

I can offer Klik help if you'd like! A lot of my games might be a bit complex for a beginner to study though. Probably the simplest one I made semi-recently would be Life in the Ghost House.

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Oh yeah, the first event in

Oh yeah, the first event in this game is basically saying "If this sound isn't playing, play the sound". I'd normally avoid doing that sort of thing (simpler/better to do "Start of frame" instead to play your music) but in Klik & Play and The Games Factory 1, sounds stop completely when the window loses focus. Multimedia/Clickteam Fusion doesn't have this issue though, as long as you tick the appropriate checkbox in the project settings.

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Indeed this is a helpful

Indeed this is a helpful project to poke around on.

I made a project in the past with a ton of in-gam comments

Looks like I've got the Multimedia Fusion version you've probably got, you could just drag the .gam right into it and see it for yourself. the comments aligned better in The Games Factory 1, but nevertheless. If you're interested I tried to explain everything in my comments or just kind of go the direction. everything's a total mess, but you are welcome to look at the project files yourself. And if you're running it in its native program and not mmf2.5 (everything should work natively either way) run the .bat.. i'll post a screenshot of what it looks like in the event editor in general.

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I'm starting to see why

I'm starting to see why y'all like Klik & Play so much.

Where are all the midis stored?
Also, if I was to make midis how would I assign instrumentation to the correct slots?
Also is it true the the midi will only play on the Windows executable?

This is a lovely game by the way. As I've been experimenting with ClickTeam I find myself putting objects in the game for debugging and I like that you seem to be doing something similar. They look good, they feel good.

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The MIDI folder probably

The MIDI folder probably depends on what program/edition you have. They might be installed into "MIDIS" or "MUSICS" in the program's directory.

You can find the KNP/TGF MIDIs in this thread. There's also the venerable You can also import MIDIs straight out of existing KNP/TGF games if you hear one that you like!

data storage

right click the name of the application of the workspace toolbar and click data elements and it should be in the music tab.

MMF2 tutorials

I have spent a lot of time with MMF2, and now Fusion (though I'm spending more time with "analog" game designs at the moment). I submitted a number of tutorials for things I had learned and never saw others do. You can have a look here:

Look in the "Downloads" section of my profile there, click "Show All," and you'll see a number of TUTORIAL downloads clearly labeled. These include an MFA and sometimes a full EXE file to go along with it. If the download links don't seem to work for some reason, let me know and I can likely dig it up for you.

And YES, Nivram's site at holds a wealth of information for someone starting out.

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Nice comments in those

Nice comments in those projects! I need to remember to put more comments in the event editor in the future.

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I figured out that

I figured out that sound-sample volume is on a 0-100 scale.
I'd like the be able to change the pitch of a sample during runtime. Anyone know how to do that?

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You'd probably have to get a plug-in such as SoundTouch.

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You can already do this in

You can already do this in MMF2. Samples -> Set Sample Frequency.

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Set Sample Frequency

I can't seem to get it to work. I don't know if my file-type, values, or scripting-order.
If you happen to have a project where you change pitch successfully, send me a link.

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I think you have to set the

I think you have to set the sample frequency while a sample is playing. So something like:

Play sample "Moo"
Set frequency of sample "Moo" to 22050

If "Moo" was originally at 44100hz it would play at half speed (and thus an octave lower)

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IT WORKED! thanks.


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Confession: after reading

Confession: after reading this thread, I spent about 10mins yesterday making YEARGH.wav go faster and slower in MMF2 with the up and down arrow keys

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Kinda wanna know if anyone

Kinda wanna know if anyone else has a customised 'check' mark in the event editor, and want to see what it is. I've used the same diagonal red line as long as I can remember.

Solid Color Block

I just filled in the box with a single, non-jarring color. I think I chose light blue. It's offset by the black grid, preventing them from blending together, so I can still see my place in the event grid.

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I've used a small blue or

I've used a small blue or black circle sometimes in the past, just to have something different to look at.

Being an icon-centric spreadsheet kind of system, it would be funny if the most important actions showed custom icons instead of just the checkmark.

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Free copy of Clickteam Fusion 2.5!!

By the way, I just won a copy of this, anyone want it? Also got Steam discounts for the Developer version (16%) and the 'exporter DLC' (50%).

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i just bought mine a few days ago *sob sob*

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I'm trying to make one

I'm trying to make one active object a center point for the circular motion of another object. I can't find a way to change the center point values for a circular motion behavior during runtime. Any tips?

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I don't recall the

I don't recall the Circular/Polygonal/etc. movements being particularly flexible. There are two methods that I'm aware of: the classic Klik method (which you can use in Klik & Play), and the more modern and generalized method:

The classic method involves going into the Animation/Image Editor for the orbiting object and setting the Hot Spot (image's offset from the origin) to some place outside the actual image itself. Now generate the 32 rotated directions from the one directional image you have. In the Event Editor, set its position on top of the object it's orbiting around. Now just change the orbiting object's Direction to make it orbit.

A good way to think about the Hot Spot is to imagine it as a "thumbtack" holding down a drawing. The thumbtack is where the object is located in-game. Now rotate your drawing with the thumbtack still holding it down and see how it moves. That is the effect that this method achieves.

The modern method is more advanced but smoother. It uses an application of trigonometry. This would be a good time to get familiar with the Expression Evaluator if you haven't already. Basically, you'll create two actions that will look something like this:

Set X Position of Orbiting Object to X("Central Object") + Cos(Alterable Value A("Orbiting Object") * 128
Set Y Position of Orbiting Object to Y("Central Object") + Sin(Alterable Value A("Orbiting Object") * 128

This will make an object sit 128 pixels away from its central object. Now just add to (or subtract from) the orbiting object's Alterable Value A and the object will orbit!

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cool. This will be a good

cool. This will be a good opportunity for me to internalize what Sin and Cos actually are.

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I just now found the

I just now found the libraries window and the included sound-library and discovered that it imports everything you've used when you tell it to make a build (previously I was putting everything in the project folder before I imported it). I was surprised that the HTML build apparently can use the .wav samples. It seems to covert them into .m4a and .ogg during the building. Pretty cool y'all.
Oh man. I kinda scoped this project in a way that I won't use many of these assets, but I'm ready to go after this one ( I'm possibly ready to go once I just stop working on this one ;)
So glad I got this and have some amount of familiarity with it now.

Useful Tool

Fusion is pretty great, despite its perceived limitations. There have even been some folks stretching the functionality of the Mode 7 and other engines, making 1st person and over-the-shoulder 3d games in Fusion lately.

The more familiar you are with it, and the more you tinker around with the extensions, the more you can do. Have fun with it! :D

I'm hoping to jump back in the saddle again sometime soon. The weather cools and I spend less time on a bicycle round this time of year, so I should be able to contribute something. This thread has definitely been inspirational to me, and has me itching to try a few remakes/demakes.

EDIT: Working on a remake of "Freeway Mutant," a minigame endless runner I picked up as part of the Game Maker Humble Bundle not too long ago.

Mutant Highway

Here's a link to my current work in progress, Mutant Highway. It's an HTML5 game and a spiritual successor/fangame of Freeway Mutant by developers Butterscotch Shenanigans:

Most of the coding/event structure is done. I'm going to tweak the UI so that all the options can be selected at the start of the game, and I have a friend of mine working on more artwork.

If anyone's interested in seeing the MFA file, just let me know. I'll also likely have it available for download from the game's page once it's done.

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Is there a way to lock an

Is there a way to lock an object down in the editor? As I add more and more, I am finding it more difficult to select the item I'm trying to edit. I often drag the background picture out of place.

Btw, Clickteam Fusion 2.5 is awesome y'all. Once I found out that gifs are easily importable as animations with transparency, the potentials just became so numerous.

kinda, i don't know the specs

don't have it installed on this machine and it's vague, but i remember being able to right click and move the bg back to the center that way.

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Yeah, in the menubar, choose

Yeah, in the menubar, choose Arrange -> Lock/Unlock


You can right-click on something, then select "Lock" from the context menu. That'll keep your objects in place.

If you've locked something you don't want to have locked anymore, then on the menu bar:
Arrange -> Unlock All

Another good thing about the arrange menu, as Danni pointed out, the "Lock" option allows you to lock ALL Backdrop object, or ALL Active Objects, and so on.

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it's on sale again

just to revive a good ole not-dead-yet thread, check this current humble bundle:

I'm most interested in the Clickteam Fusion and Pico 8 stuff, but there's more in there too

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I'm pretty interested in

I'm pretty interested in Hexels and making HTML5 games in Clickteam-style software, but the idea of having to sign into Steam to run those programs is repellent enough that I don't think I can go for this.

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where does it say that? i

where does it say that? i didn't see that

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I'm judging based on the

I'm judging based on the little Steam icons in the bottom left corners of some things, versus the little DRM-free icons in the bottom left corners of others... I could be wrong, but I have a feeling I'm not. Clickteam apparently offers a conversion service (for $10) to convert a Steam license into a non-Steam one, but I don't like the idea of that much either.

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ooo damn

ooo damn

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Anyone have experience with

Anyone have experience with making HTML builds that are caoable of opening additional webpages (like clicking on a button in the game opens a page) I haven't tried it yet.


This is totally doable by linking an event with the HTML5 object, as well as the Flash Object.

Those are the two methods I've used, and they work excellently.

HTML5 Compiler

Anyone else having strange permissions issues when using the HTML 5 compiler?

Whenever I make a build of an application, somehow all the permissions of the related folders become "Read Only." This sets off a chain-reaction of not having access/access denied to many of the files related to the project, most notably "runtime.js" in the "src" directory. The only workaround I have discovered for this is to restart, then choose the top-most file folder and turn off the Read-Only designation. Only then will the permissions for everything be adjusted.

For the record, attempting to adjust permissions of the top-most directory prior to the restart still fails.

Anyone with suggestions on how to eliminate this issue? I reckon I need to visit the Clickteam forums for a definitive address, as I hope I'm not the only one.

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I have not had that issue.

I have not had that issue.