Belly Rub Rumble!


A belly rub simulator!

Many of us have rubbed a cat's belly, it purring in delight, only for it to suddenly turn on us and claw at us! This is a game that replicates that wonderful experience!

Rub the cat's belly up and down, but keep an eye on their face... if they look agitated at all, lift your finger before they pounce! Make sure you don't rub off their belly when they're enjoying themselves, too! It... displeases them.

For the dog lovers, there is also a puppy mode! There is no game over with the puppy, but it may guilt you into replaying if you stop rubbing their belly!

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cute!!! i wish it was easier

cute!!! i wish it was easier to find these kind of little games on the app store. the mechanic is really intuitive and fun. I wish it got harder as you kept rubbing, though. Eventually I got bored enough to purposefully lose.

thanks for the feedback! you

thanks for the feedback! you might want to try playing with scarfield, the difficulty of that one picks up much quicker than the normal mode