Authentic Celestial Shiv

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Guide your Authentic Celestial Shiv through celestial space authentically in this high-speed scrolling gank-them-up.

Made For: 
Pirate Kart 2


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There's a tense feel

There's a tense feel starting from the explosive title screen of a shaking jellyfish being barraged with lasers, followed by an actual immediate challenge with a strangely appeeling atmosphere from the lasers and the blue background with a spinning knife.

4 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **** count them, that's 4!

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The 'jellyfish' is me, jerko.

Hey, thanks. But I can't tale all the credit: the events in the game all really happened. I will, unjustly, take credit for making space blue, though.

I really liked this one

It had a good flow to it, and I always like the opening cinemas in each release. It's well done and stunning. I like how after all the work you get a nice message at the end. Obviously looks like a lot of work went in timing everything here. It was like the opposite of a shooting game. I think this could be made into a genre if it isn't already. It's also a nice place to stop when you're time traveling.