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pac guy game inuktitut bootleg idea, pacman clone experiences despair because he is still real pacman. pacman experiences thousands of deaths everyday in every copy of his game and actual games, feel despair of pac man guy.

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An event


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Currently, I feel this is my

Currently, I feel this is my favourite take on Pac-Man ever.

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The aesthetic and feel

The aesthetic and feel encouraged me to come to the conclusions that were expressed by the first blurb. After getting that spoken/written message so explicitly, I lost some investment in this idea that there is such dread in Pac-Man. I imagine that for some, the messages and even the silliness finish the job when the game-scenes don't manage to communicate the idea in full; but for me each one of them felt more and more insincere, taking my personal reflections on consumption, nihilism, and constant awareness of death away.

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i decided that i'd let what

i decided that i'd let what happens when i touch the skull remain a mystery to me