Night Custodian

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Welcome to the nighttime custodial shift!

I know cleaning carpets doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing, but this is seriously best job! You’ll see. Life and school and things is stressful, so it’s really nice to come to work, listen to music and just vacuum.

We got all kinds of machines you’ll get to use. There’s the iCapsol for agitating the carpet. That’s after it been sprayed down with soap of course. And then there’s the Prowler, which sucks all the soap and water out of the carpet after we’ve scrubbed it. When you empty the water out of the Prowler, is the most digesting and satisfying color you’ll ever see. Trust me.

My favorite though is the Tennant. You’ll use it at the end of the shift. There are two speeds on the dial – turtle or rabbit. If the floor is extra dirty you’ll use turtle but for the most part rabbit is the way to go. But even on rabbit, it moves slower than you’ve ever walked in your whole life. Walk the slowest you can possibly walk, and then go even slower. That’s the Tennant on rabbit. I normally prop a book up on it and read while it goes. I read most of The Picture of Dorian Gray this way!

We’re lucky here because we have the best boss. Alvan. FYI he loves Pepsi, makes knives and will always remembers your birthday. And twice a year he throws a waffle party!

So, here’s your keys. You can hook them onto your belt loop. These will get you into most of the rooms in this building except for the super cool air duct room in the basement. But I’ll show you how to get into there later.

Ok, let’s go take a look at the scariest room in the building now, that way you’ll know where to be nervous while locking up alone.

-Natalie Wood

Use the W A S D keys for movement, and the mouse to look around. I'll make a video how to use these controls soon :)

Included below is a video walkthrough in case you aren't able to access this, or if the controls are too difficult, or for whatever reason.

A little explanation. I (quasiotter) am doing a monthly gallery show, and this is my friend Natalie's show. I think virtual spaces are super cool and I'm learning how to make them as "games." Okay.

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Trash Bins

I would have LOVED LOVED LOVED to be able to empty the trash cans for some reason.

The surprise trip found on the second floor was interesting indeed. :)

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let's play guitar in a five guitar band

i don't know how to script yet (everything here is copy and pasted lol) but that is something that would indeed make this cooler


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The ambience was really

The ambience was really surprising! the description made it seem like it would be a meditative cleaning game, but the oppressive sound & surreal environments were really unsettling, in a cool way. I like how the rooms gradually become more and more surreal. I hope you'll put the rest of the monthly gallery shows here!

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i did crimes for you

thank you<3

yeah, i'll put them up, wasn't sure cuz i don't want to spam the newest games too much lol

also i hate doing this but i'm going to plug the website for the gallery shows lol

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The first environment really

The first environment really nailed the sense of mystery that cleaning an office-building at night can give.
I collected all the orange things in the second area and then got stuck in the geometry trying to figure out how to access the thing under the terrain.
This reminds me of No Fun House a little bit.

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electric rainbow

thanks for the mention of no fun house, i've been wanting to play that but needed a catalyst

the thing is a puppy! i'm hiding them in every gallery thing i do from now on

i realized it might be weird replying to every comment lol