Please take the title seriously.

I couldn't sleep last night so I made this and polished it up slightly before throwing it up. It's a simple FPS with flashing colours. I made it as a joke, but now I love the idea of working on a Minter inspired FPS with actual design.

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An event


403 Forbidden?

I ended up receiving a 403 - Forbidden code after clicking the "Play" button on the GameJolt interface.

Anything I need to do to fix this? Can you please double-check your upload? Thanks!

Try this link


The new link works fine!

Fun, quick diversion. It's a challenge for me because I typically depend on the crosshair in a FPS to help me out.

Your audio design was well done. The sound becoming louder as enemies approach is a nice touch. The background music seems particularly well-suited to this abstract shooter.

Since the bullets persist, do you have any kind of score bonus for the situations when more than one enemy is killed by the same projectile? This is a nit-picky kind of thing, I admit, and if this game is more of a joke then you might not be thinking that much about it. But I think it would be a worthwhile addition, personally.

That combo system is already

That combo system is already in there! I mention it on the the title screen. The score you get for each enemy doubles each time one gets hit with the same bullet.

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Titanic 2: The Indian Ocean

Holy shit, that was scary! I'm always most frightened by the insignificance of the player/character in relation to the monsters. I love cosmic horror!

Just like David., the abstract shapes leave so much to the imagination that it's way more frightening than if they had detail.

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I love how the flashing

I love how the flashing enemy cubes appear as if phasing into this reality. So abstract and so evocative.