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A motion study / toy / screensaver / endless game where you set your own goals / thing.

WASD/Arrows move (unless you change Unity's default horizontal/vertical axes inputs).
Space emits (unless you change Unity's default Jump input).

Hear pops.

Make things bigger.

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An event


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this was mesmerizing!

this was mesmerizing!

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this is really great. the

this is really great. the visual design is very striking, and there's a lot of play value in the interactions. i found myself being surprised by the interesting situations i found myself in, and it's fun finding the subtle interactions between elements.

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i like it

i think the abstract interaction and the visuals and the sound go really nicely together
i wrote a little bit about it here

Life without Space

Thank you for sharing your write-up. I think you're right -- the various elements of the work cohere much better without the space bar. Although I had intended all controls to be optional from the start, I was frustrated with having not achieved better harmony between the full range of mechanics and the audio when the deadline arrived.

Aside: did you comment earlier, slightly differently? I'm almost certain I read an earlier comment linking that post, then revisited slowdance from its perspective, and had been meaning to respond for a while.

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thanks for reading, thanks

thanks for reading, thanks for making the thing :)
i hope when i say 'i liked it better before' it doesn't sound like a value judgment because it only refers to my personal experience of it in a particular time and place. (it's not even entirely honest - after i discovered the space bar i kept playing for quite a bit longer and i liked the extra richness of interaction it affords. in particular sitting at the bottom of the screen holding space bar while the cubes flicker up the screen and accumulate at the top, growing larger and larger until they eventually overwhelm me and fill the screen; this i found quite moving. but it was easier to ignore this than change what i had already written. i wanted to write more about it but i haven't had the chance yet)

i think i edited the gt comment to fix the url, i also changed the last paragraph of the tumblr post at some point, probably i shouldn't do that