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I'm making a new chapter of an experimental Twine game every day. As of posting, there are 5 chapters and I haven't missed a day. I'd fiddled around in Twine before, but not much, so I'm really learning as I go. My goal with this project is to break down the mental barriers telling me my work needs to be perfect, polished, while also being unoffensive to every conceivable player (because I do value accessibility in my games highly—but that can become a big encumbrance).

So far it's also been a place to express my inner thoughts, process my life, and explore my issues with gender.

I heard about this community forever ago and it's been on the back of my mind. I thought I'd give it a shot and actually share here now that I have a project which is such a good fit.

See you tomorrow!



Welcome! The variety between entries so far is interesting. Stick with it. I'm curious to see where it will end up.

A brief technical question, if anyone knows: is there a built-in way to go back to a previous node when twine is hosted on (The back button on the browser just leaves, and going into fullscreen does not appear to reveal any further controls.)

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When I play it I have this

When I play it I have this back arrow:

Is that not showing up for you? Would be worth figuring that out and fixing, if so.


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