Autumn Chain-Game 2017

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The Autumn Chain-Game is now finished!

An office space created by Mr. A
An ambient forest grown by Hugs
A desert plane of physics mishaps assembled by Marek
and a thank you from Quasiotter to bring it all together

Thank you folks for participating in the jam! More jams like this are to come next year, celebrating various holidays and events.

I hope you had a fun time, both developers and players alike!

Marek, Mr.A, Hugs, Quasiotter
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penguin's picture

so cool! however i can't

so cool! however i can't figure out how to get past the forest :(

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(edit) Nevermind, I thought

(edit) Nevermind, I thought you were stuck in the first part.

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Just walk to the end where

Just walk to the end where the black orb is and touch it to move to the next scene

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Wow! These were really fun

Wow! These were really fun to play. The dancing text was interesting to walk around in. I love the serenity of the forest. Seeing through two perspectives was weird and new to me.

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Yeah, the folks did great

Yeah, the folks did great for this jam! Looking forward to hosting another one maybe January or something.

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This came out really well!

This came out really well! Thanks for running this, Johnny. I'm surprised how cohesive the games seem, even though none of them used the theme in obvious ways.

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You're welcome! I'm looking

You're welcome! I'm looking forward to running more jams like this in the future. The games really did come together really well in the end, and I hope next time we can get more contributors!

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Side B: Ruby Bizarre

wow. the three games that aren't mine are incredibly inspiring. like, really, really inspiring in a way where i just want to make so much stuff. thanks johnny for this! you're awesome!

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Sure thing! Glad you joined

Sure thing! Glad you joined in for the jam!