I deleted a game yesterday.

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A community member posted a game here yesterday that had a casually racist "joke" as its title. I deleted it.

(If it would help you to know specifics, the game was called "Nenkey Dogro", and you controlled a Black person riding a donkey. The user who created it is Sejez.)

I want to be explicit now, because I have not been explicit in the past: racism isn't funny, and it doesn't have a home here.

The same goes for misogyny, sexism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, transphobia, homophobia, and biphobia. I have always strived to make Glorious Trainwrecks an inclusive place, where people can feel comfortable sharing their creative work. That can't happen in a place where people are free to make jokes at the expense of your humanity.

I have not chosen to delete things very often. I doubt quite strongly that this particular game is the most egregious thing on the site. In the past I have let things slide that should not have, in the mistaken and, frankly, cowardly hope that they would quietly go unnoticed. I am no longer going to do this.

The user that posted this has had an account here for five years, and has posted numerous games. I have, for the moment, locked their account, and reached out to them via email. I'm not sure if I will feel comfortable unlocking their account in the future; I think that will depend on how they respond, and how the community responds here.

I feel it is important to make my stance very clear, and provide a place for the community to talk about it. It's a conversation I've avoided for too long.

My PMs are open, as always. If you see gross shit, please say something. If we think the community needs more moderators than just me, I'm open to that as well.

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wow, that's upsetting, but makes me wonder. I have posted some things with offensive themes as satire previously making fun of racism and homophobia, but I am also half black and queer. I'm not sure what Sejez's intent was, but that was a pretty awful joke. But I have also interpreted most of this community to be pretty progressive, so this is a bit sad

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Of course I don't want to

Of course I don't want to dissuade people from making games that talk about racism, or make fun of racists.

If you google the title you can find that the game was posted to 4chan at the same time, which to my mind gives me something of an idea of their mindset in making it.

I think my messaging in the past has sometimes been easy to (mis)interpret as an "absolutely anything goes" anarchy - especially during Pirate Kart jams, when we get a huge influx of new people and no sensible way of moderating what they're putting into them. But I've always strived to carve out a place where people are decent to one another.

I do think we have a really strong and inclusive community right now. To my knowledge, stuff like this doesn't come up often. I want to do what I can to keep it that way.

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I completely agree! Thank's for creating an amazing safe space. I probably wouldn't be here otherwise!

Edit: Holy shit, I just found it. This is horrendous.


I'm happy you took action on this.

I've always admired the "mission" behind GT, and I enjoy participating in the events when I can. There are plenty of creative, wacked-out ideas in the games I've seen here, but in this case I played that game and felt its content was indefensible.

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oh no

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Good job Spind! Seems like

Good job Spind!

Seems like there's some unfortunate overlap of weird-games-or-whatever and disgusting chan humour. Noticed it recently in another place. I guess people seeing some amateur funny games as fitting into their anything-goes kinda humour or something?

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There's still a tweet.

There's still a tweet.

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Deleted, thanks.

Deleted, thanks.

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good call

Good call, sorry you had to do that.

I think places like 4chan and some of the darker corners of reddit show that freewheeling, uncurated net culture tends to provide tools reinforcing existing problematic abusive shit in society - before seeing the counter examples, I presumed pseudo-anonymity and judging people by their output not their appearance would be freeing and awesome, but I've seen enough to agree fully, there has to be a balance.

Doesn't sound too bad, i

Doesn't sound too bad, i thought it was something more extreme


4chan? doesnt sound too good now. Somethin's up!

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I finally got a reply to my

I finally got a reply to my email reaching out to the author of this game, who accused me of being the REAL racist and threatened to sign up under a new name "for some casual Trumping after the re-election", in case anyone was worried I might have been making a mistake.

He also asked me to delete his account entirely, so, I guess I'll go do that.