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Enjoy a thrilling trot in the shoes of a strange creature along the tops of the freight train to Altoona. Many say that the creature that rides the rails will surely lead to ruin. Perhaps, but it knows no other way to exist. Try not to trip and crash into any of the horrifying tears in reality as your all-important score scrolls higher and higher.

Wendy Wildshape
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The visual-corruptions mix

The visual-corruptions mix with the audio-corruptions well.
I kept trying to figure out if the audio-corruptions were somehow directly affected by whether or not I was in the air, or which train-car I touched. I never managed to figure out if it was just recorded that way or if it was dynamic; I prefer not being able to tell.

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nice job. this was fun to

nice job.
this was fun to play. the glitch visual aesthetics worked really nicely. and play was fast/responsive. music works well tooo

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in red

yowza, quite a psychedelic trainride, i absotely looove the gameover screen1! idk the way the score floats and everything is so cool lol