Crypt3: Jörgemöinen


An old lost game that i just kept forgetting to upload
Its a sequel-spinoff-expansion pack of Crypt2
And its .. well.. a trainwreck alright

Made For: 
An event


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YEARGH.wav! I finished this


I finished this - surprised to hear that testers didn't get past level 5, I found it really compelling and not super difficult if you play cautiously enough. You're very generous with the health power-ups to help you through. Though I did almost decide to give up at the giant scissor ice maze. I especially enjoyed the "Run!" levels that really push you to throw caution to the wind and just go for it.

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Great design choices

A minimalistic approach to a two stick top down shooter. Mastering the strafe mechanic is a must.
Just made it to the second Run!!! Level and I have to say that it was fantastic. The floating head is terrifying, and knowing that I had to run back through areas where it had already spawned enemies inspired some fantastic adrenaline. The worms are programmed flawlessly and the laser enemies are also done very well. Great job at an almost bullet hell style action game which resembles gauntlet. GREAT JOB!!!

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Lotsa Fun

I completely agree with Lynx: excellent work! Totally felt the Gauntlet vibe. Currently made it up to Trap #3 (I think), with the fireball-shooting wizard-hat creatures, and am driven to succeed.

It's a shame no one wanted to push the button on this, because it's definitely a quality Flash title. Here's to success in your future projects. :)