Backyard Skulls

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This game is best played in full-screen.

Written for Gothic Novel Jam 2018

Charles Blackwood happens upon a deed for the cliff-side manor known as Gethen Manor, a manor owned by a former mistress of his, Katherine Thorndale.

Attached to the deed is a letter from Miss Thorndale, expressing how she wishes they'd not drifted apart, and inviting him to live in the manor.

Suspicious, he ventures off to find the manor in a neglected state, the once well-tended garden now an overgrown mess of dead, dried up grass, long wilted trees and odious plant remains.

As he explores the manor, he uncovers the manor's secrets. Secrets that, for him, would be better off forgotten.

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Nice Tricks

You did some nice text-alteration tricks with this one. It definitely added nuance and tension to the game. You think you'll be making a choice but no, you just go further down the rabbit hole of the story being told. The entire story had excellently-realized atmosphere.

Nice work for a short twine tale! Hope it was received well by the other jammers. :)

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Last night we went to see the musical sweeny todd so today gothic themes have been on my mind so I was very excited to come across this. The story was so creepy! But at the same time enjoyable to follow and did an excellent job at creating mystery and pulling me in to want to know more and get to the end. The twine/ choice aspect did a great job in assisting this, especially with being able to change a single word so many times. It was a great effect!! Fun use of twine.

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I didn't really like the

I didn't really like the ending much, but I enjoyed everything else. The atmosphere is well realized, I felt morbidly curious and intrigued by the potential dangers for the player-character. I especially liked thinking about the player-character's motives for showing up in this circumstance.