Binky CVIII: Binky gets 500 vases in the mail

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from the depths of the night comes a dubious installment in the award winning BINKY series...

thousands of lawyers from the lawyer world have gathered to determine the veracity of this "video game"... results so far have been inconclusive

please enjoy this BINKY related entertainment in the meanwhile

BINKY character and models by Mariken G

music: fotocopiadora - pool of radiance (top secret unreleased track)

- press space to BINKY

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An event


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this game changed my life

this game changed my life

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AAhhhh! Scary! I'm never

AAhhhh! Scary! I'm never buying vases from BeeBay again...

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I like the visual format

I like the visual format here. It feels like a nice terrarium in which the circumstances can occur. Does well to give the impression that it is still a place after I close the game.

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omg this was so good. great

omg this was so good. great musik!!


I did my best to stay on top, but I guess I didn't BINKY as much as I needed to.

Very fun. :)

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