Kill Yr Idols 001

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first in a series of sonic worlds levels

Black Andrew
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An event


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I managed to see the exit

I managed to see the exit (I think) but I didn't stockpile enough lives to collide with it. I'm curious why you make such challenging, spiky things. Thanks for the plentiful checkpoints though!

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Cuz it's fun! I like pacing that is more created by the player experience or skill than the game being inherently long, or there being a lot of content. Challenging levels are kind of like spicy food in a way. I also like the idea of Tails being a masocore character. There is something about Tails enduring punishment that I think is suiting. Lots of reasons!

Thank you for playing/commenting!

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Dying over and over again

Dying over and over again does seem weirdly appropriate for Tails. Anyway I tried again and won! Yay!

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That was very challenging

That was extremely difficult. On my first time I stockpiled 150 lives and lost all of them at the end. The second time I went through, I stockpiled 250 lives and finished the game with 240. I like the idea of this game, and getting to each checkpoint was very satisfying. It seemed like tails was mocking me by yawning every time I died though.

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Thanks for playing!

I'm sorry about Tails mocking you. Behavior like this is why I put him in this dungeon!

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that was fun.. i liked how

that was fun.. i liked how the music would restart every time i died

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It only happens when you get a Game Over. If you get extra lives at the beginning, that doesn't happen :-) ty for playin'