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Ever see a painting and want to travel to the world that painter painted? Well now you can!

There really isn't any gameplay in this game, I just was messing around in Unity and made portals and stuff. I usually make crappy 2D games so the models in this game aren't mine. I think I got most of them from Turbosquid. But I did make the portals and do the post processing stuff.


Ps. Let me know if you need a mac or linux version!

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An event


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a mac build would be great!

a mac build would be great! this looks super cool

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Thanks Unity

Unfortunately Unity decided not to save my scene even though I saved it, So just give me a little bit and I'll have the mac version out soon!

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Mac version out!

I updated the page to include the mac version. I don't have a mac to test the game on, so there's no guarantee that it'll work properly.

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I think it works, as I am running it on a Mac rn. This is such a cool trick. This would be a really cool idea to expand upon too!

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Maybe one day in the near

Maybe one day in the near distant future I could turn this into a full game!

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I'm a sucker for this

I'm a sucker for this effect. I just recently saw it used in The Magic Circle and was reminded of how neat it is.
Did you ever have the painting on the wall and decide against it?

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I decided to put the

I decided to put the painting in the middle of the room to demonstrate the fact that the other side is empty and that you can walk through it without being teleported. It would still work with the painting on the wall though. I'm glad you liked the effect!