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Made primarily for Global Game Jam 2019, which had the theme "what home means to you".

I have had the same room for decades. For the most part, items just accumulate on top of each other in ever growing piles, until the inevitable looming end.

Spin around a few times to activate the hotspots (due to a bug that was never figured out). No ending.

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Wow, this feels very

Wow, this feels very intimate. I feel like I know you better.

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This is my reaction as well.

This is my reaction as well.

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I admire your ability to

I admire your ability to share something so personal. I've consciously avoided sharing photos of my rooms cause I never know what random objects laying around might convey. For that reason, I'm hesitant to draw too much meaning from what's on immediate display here. It does seem like this would have been an introspective game for you to make though.

Also, it seems like you have a pretty inverse experience to rooms than me: I moved a lot for the first half of my life, and it's only in the second half that I've had (relative) stability in what "my room" is, but even then it's never been completely permanent.

I like the overlapping photos a lot, I think it creates a kind of clarity by creating a focus on elements of your room that stand out through the layers, along with the hot spots of course.

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The secret of my success is

The secret of my success is that I forced myself not to think about it too much! I condone your approach of not ascribing too much meaning to things. Many of the objects highlighted aren't of any great significance to me (or haven't been since I was a child) and persist mainly due to inertia. The piles of comic books by my bed are just library books I happen to have on loan now, I haven't even read the ones at the top yet (though they are due back today, so I probably will have by the time you read this). The books in my bookshelf are mostly the ones I like/read the least, with ones I love in a different bookcase in my living room. The artwork "Christ Head" above my bed is something my dad made as a teenager, and neither of us are religious; in fact, it's an optical illusion: viewed upside down, it depicts a woman sitting in a giant bird nest. My room probably implies other things that I'm too close to recognise… but those are a few details I felt like sharing that probably aren't obvious just from looking.

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This makes me want to

This makes me want to arrange a bunch of stuff in a room. I'm attracted to artistic-installations and spaces with a lot of residue from use.