Mice Mage : The Quest For The Cheese

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This is the game I made for the Mouse In The Maze 60th Anniversary Jam.

It's a dungeon crawler and the goal of the game is to get to the cheese at the end of each level, but beware of the ghosts!

-Arrow Keys to move.
-Press Space to toggle attack mode (Note: You cannot move in attack mode).
-Press Control to shoot (while in attack mode).
-The Green bar represents your health.
-The Blue bar represents your mana.

NOTE: The game jam is 2 months, but I only had around two days to work on this. This is also a 3D game using a 2D engine, so don't expect much.

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I did it!

This is a good style of video game, underrated genre of game. I liked that I could just run through the whole game without attacking, but that I had to fight at the end. Just curious? I got all the cheese or whatever, but is there an end screen?

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Nope, you just get to stay

Nope, you just get to stay with your cheese eternally :)

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Very nice ending. Nothing

Very nice ending. Nothing seemed to happen when I shot ghosts that weren't the very last one, so I also ran through the levels.

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thank you

Sorry for rendering your note somewhat obsolete- some people thought extending the jam would be good.

Thank you for making a game Mace! You did what I've planned to do eventually- a 3D dungeon crawler in a 2D engine, and it seems decent? It's a little bit fun to get lost in the maze but unfortunately I was unsure how the attack mode worked, I never seemed to get the ghosts.

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Ah... Here is your award:

Ah... Here is your award: Most Ghostly Game

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Haha, thanks thats awesome.

Haha, thanks thats awesome.