The Moonlit Night (a game by my mom)

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My mom made this in like 2001.

Jian Yan
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An event


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Pretty great!

It certainly could have taken a turn for the worse there, when the "special guest" arrived on the scene. Glad to see the ending turned out the way it did. :)

Quite an accomplishment for Flash! Lots of scaling and decent animations. I give your mom two thumbs up. :)

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That was great. I found

That was great.
I found myself unable to read the words until each animation finished. The animations were just so much fun to watch. It seemed like the apple even danced to the beat.

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Damn dude

Your mom is a fucking pimp. Did she do the graphics? I have so many questions to ask... Did you ask her to post this here? Wow, wow wow wow wow wow. I'm just imagining I'm 11 or so and my freaking MOM makes this game. I mean, I'm old enough to have an 11 year old (sort of). Beautiful game, jesus christ.

[as I'm writing this, a roommate of mine is having very loud sex {telling you this for context}]
^ secret invisible nsfw text

I also love that this is the only thing you have uploaded here.

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this was really cute!

this was really cute!

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Incredible. And you're in

Incredible. And you're in the special thanks!

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so cool :]

so cool :]