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I made this for a game jam on itch.io but I thought I'd post it here as it's more of a GT sort of thing I think really. I've been wanting to do something like this for a while - where you're playing multiple games at once. I know things like that have been done before but I wanted to do something that felt more coherent and thematically linked than other examples I've seen. I have other ideas for multiple games in one that I want to make; don't know why I find the idea so intriguing. I also wanted to make something with unashamedly bad graphics; I get too hung up on the fact that I'm utterly hopeless at drawing so I wanted to put my rotten art skills front and centre as a sort of shedding of inhibitions. I think it's a fun game and that possibly the graphics may be seen as having some sort of naive charm (but then I could just be entirely delusional).

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yes this is exactly what I

yes this is exactly what I love. the kind of game where you can't tell what the gameplay is from a single screenshot..... And also can't tell what the gameplay is when you're actually playing it. Pure Sensory overload

The game plunges you right in the deep end, forcing you to drive a car while reading a cutscene, and I had to really adjust before I knew what to do. Looking at help helped me to win the fights, and then it felt like things were evening out a bit. Using the car minigame as a way of moving between places is good, and also with the car always moving makes it feel like the story follows a character who's always going somewhere and never having time to stop

no I like the graphics, and

no I like the graphics, and the game has charm to it. I didn't read the instructions if there were any, tried to lose as many lives as possible, then discovered i could advance the text, appeared in some strange places. the hopping of the car was satisfying. i'm glad you made it hop rather than have it float left and right