Mess With The U.S

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go to the U.S and mess with it

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An event


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very nice

Cool difficulty curve. Appreciate how the powerups in the later levels keep you from being overwhelmed. The only problem is the imagery could use a little more variety because obnoxious Americanism isn't the same in w'con sun as it is in the bama, even in this age of nationwide mass media where patriotism has become crystallized into a set of unrelated symbols with only their performative value in common

Also, bug report: It'll take you to the victory screen if you just leave it idling for long enough

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translators not: w'con sun

translators not: w'con sun means "wisconsin", bama means alabama.

also why is there dilbert??? what is he plotting?

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the state names were legit

the state names were legit the highlight of this release. i had a quarter-chuckle at pretty much all of them

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I can't believe I played

I can't believe I played this to completion. Gigantic Coca Cola can that spawns right on top of you is a formidable foe indeed.