Color Guesser

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Use the sliders to change the shape's color to match the background. Color as many shapes as possible in three minutes!

Made for 1HGJ #225: Colors


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High Score = 7

Fascinating colour study here! I had fun sliding the bars back and forth, watching the shades blend in and out of one another. Very soothing to play, and the time slips by without me even noticing.

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I got stuck on this one for ages. Why wasn't this good enough for you, game!?

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I wound up in this place,

I wound up in this place, too. Which made subsequent levels really jarring, because perceptually they can be much farther away from exact and it'll snap them into place. I was actually quite enjoying the veeerrrryyy subtle tweaks to make the shape invisible. It feels like a game where the computer enforcing the rules actually harms the core experience- I imagine a game where there are many layers of tweakable colors in a big scene, and the goal is to make them all fade into each other. No "you did it, good job!" screen, just the infinitely subtle dance of dissolving shapes into color.

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This is such a good idea for

This is such a good idea for a game. My high score so far is 7. I got stumped on the exact same shape/color as Sergio Cornaga.

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Got 18 on my first try. The

Got 18 on my first try. The color similarity detection does seem like it needs some work. I've had it reject very similar colors, but accept colors that were several shades off. It should probably bias toward contrast differences since those are the most difficult to perceive.

This reminds me of the second level in my game Santacid.

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The color detection is based

The color detection is based off of the RGB values individually - the R, G, and B values all have to be within 32 of the correct value for it to count. Sometimes changing one of the values by 32 results in very little change to the perceived color, which can make some of the colors, especially light greens and purples, difficult to guess. Perhaps detecting the correct color using an HSV system would have been more reliable.