BINKY XIX: Dinosaur Island

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The nineteenth in the award winning series!

SERIOUS || Godot devs have said very harmful and upsetting things! Read if you can, content warning for racism: || SERIOUS

Welcome to Dinosaur Island, don't forget your umbrella!

BINKY and HERRY are on vacation, but the Volcanicity mascot George the Volcano keeps erupting with deliciously flavored (but expensive!) water! Watch out!!!


WASD - Move

Space - Don't Forget Your Umbrella!

Esc - Quit game

Various from Klik and Play
George the Volcano from Volcanicity commericals
Herry the Cherry from DR. Hello
T rating from ESRB
Sound Clip from 3D Dinosaur Adventure
Sound Clip from Volcanicity Commercials
Sound Clip from Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat
Sound Clip from Aackosoft PacMan clone (shhhhhh Don't spoil it!)


Shop 3 from RPG Maker for PSX

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i really like the use of

i really like the use of video here, and how the game matches up with it. it give me the feeling of a theme park, with the very textured and recognizable volcano guy whose actions correspond with the anodyne, smooth water droplets. I imagine an attraction at a theme park featuring the volcano guy, with sprayers that turn on when that part of the video plays... an overly-emphasized causal link to try to sell the fantasy

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I am imagining that

I am imagining that attraction you imagined as having a tiny gift stand that only sells volcanicity water bottles and t shirt (because shirt got wet need a new one :-( ...)

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This is my favorite Binky game at this point I think. It's very joyful. It's fun. There's something to do. It's very colorful and uses a lot of colors I like. I like the animations and the editing of the background to make like it's actually different.

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I agree - it is very joyful.

I agree - it is very joyful. I think I'm going to set aside a little time soon and replay all the Binky games - they're all there on my hard drive in their own Binky folder. And as I mentioned once before, possibly on Discord, I'd really like to see the Binky comics available in some organized way, as an ebook or a webpage or whatever. Couple of questions. Firstly, what happened to Binky XVIII? And, more seriously, have you given up on Godot? I did see some stuff about controversy in connection with it. Have you decided to go with Clickteam for certain or are you just experimenting with it at the moment?

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COMICS: oh yes i needed to

COMICS: oh yes i needed to make a website for a while now but there is a demon called academia which sits on my chest constantly.

Question 1: BINKY XVIII is BINKY XVIII: BUBBO II ... eventually!

I'll answer the rest later... ... ..

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i got wet!!!! i forgot to

i got wet!!!! i forgot to bring umbrella!

i love the sounds wow

another classic of the award winning binky series