These Walls

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Play as a person(?) and watch life pass you by!

How to play:

Move your body with the arrow keys.

Press space to interact with aspects of your room.

Press Esc to pause.

Hit the hay to get the day over with.

My first fully developed game! Please notify me if there are any issues.

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An event


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That was a pretty bleak experience. The very subtle changes got me through the repetitive nature of this game. I really enjoyed the fly and some of what was on the TV really surprised me. The amount of content was also quite shocking because I think of how misleading it seems. Oppressively bleak and sad. I'd like to see what you make next!

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this shit's too real

this shit's too real

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congratulations on your

congratulations on your first fully developed game! no issues on my end :)

There was an article on some gaming website, right after the next Animal Crossing was announced, that described the main appeal of AC as being the little blurbs of text that the villagers spit out in various circumstances throughout their tenure in your town. There's that little trickle of text, delivered over time, that add up to an absolutely colossal amount of reading material. I think you've used that concept here really well- checking up on the different items every day, with each one kind of having its own arc, and changing as your character progresses. I was really impressed with just how much stuff there was in this game, and how long it went on for.

I remember being frustrated with some other Yume Nikki inspired game, I can't remember which one, but it had the character say some boorish, obvious thing when you tried to open the door, whereas in Yume Nikki the character just shakes her head. I think it was one of those Depression Games about Depression, where the character says (paraphrasing), "I can't go out the door, I have Depression :(" These Walls is of course much chattier than Yume Nikki, but the text never felt awkward or forced at all.

It's hard to walk the line between "representing tedium" and "being tedious", and there were definitely times that I thought about giving up, but there were enough clues that the game was finite, so I pushed on through to the end. It's certainly worth it, though i definitely was hoping for more threads to get followed up on- the people talking outside your door, or the strange visions, etc.

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i loved it

my gf watched me play this and we both really enjoyed it. I really liked the subtle abnormal things in the room over time and that the pictures out the window were real photos it felt very personal

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Thank you for playing! This

Thank you for playing! This project was very personal, so im glad you got somthing out of it.

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How far apart are ant

How far apart are ant colonies. For instance, if one gets on my shirt in the kitchen and I don't notice them til I go out on the front porch, if I blow them off will they be ok?