Four Drill Bits

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A new law says that having more than four drill bits in your possession at any time is illegal. More drill bits are landing on your table, so you must drill them away with one of the four drill bits you already have.

Made for 1HGJ #245: 4-Bits


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cool way to make difficulties happen

For some reason, I just can't wrap my head around the premise. Like, Cactus Fork? Makes sense. You're a fork made of cactus and you need to get all the bacon, easy, makes perfect sense. But you have to use a drill to drill drill bits to keep them from landing on your table because of the government? I just can't make sense of it.

Anyways, the implementation here is actually really cool. The four drill bits all have unique behaviors, but in a way they sort of function as difficulty settings, with the top being the hardest and the bottom being the easiest. When it comes to difficulty, it's less about the size of the bit and more about the way it moves. The first drill bit technically gets the biggest, but the motion is really distracting and hard to work with; the second's fast motion makes it look blurry and indistinct, so it's hard to judge the effective range of it; the third one is the most stable in motion and therefore the easiest to reckon with; and the last one's radial movement turns it from a line into a circle, making it so you need to be much less precise with the bit. It's essentially the same game, but each of the difficulties offers an experience that feels different, not just in the magnitude of challenge. When I start making more arcadey stuff I'll definitely take inspiration from this to make my difficulty settings more meaningful.

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This is such a strange game.

This is such a strange game.

I am so perplexed by the motivation required to theme the game this way. I feel like I missed a spam post and this is a response to it.

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i dunno, i think i get it.

i dunno, i think i get it. the concept of using something to stave off copies of that same something is pretty unique for this genre of game (I don't really know what genre of game this is, now that I think about it... it's like an extension of ye old flash games that were an extension of score-based arcade games, or something?). If the mood was right, you could even see THEME: the laws of the government prevent the individual from acquiring more drill bits than they are allotted, even though bits are clearly in abundance - forcing the individual to, against their will, fight for their own drill bit poverty. Laws twisting people's motives back on themselves. Kinda cool.

I also liked how you have to load your drill bits into the drill to start. Gives impact to that choice.