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You've been stuck on this boss for hours. Maybe you're missing something? You thought you were just too tired last night, but still lost when you tried again this morning - it just dragged it out longer.

It's almost time for work, but maybe you can just branch off a guide and read it on your commute...


Originally wrote this for the speculation jam over on, and a friend mentioned that it happened to be a good fit for this event too!

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Great to have you here,

Great to have you here, Sean! This walkthrough is incredible.

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Very Cool

This walkthrough makes me wonder what it would be like to have to preserve computer data from water damage and mildew. Data files are now physical things that need to be preserved, else their data will be irreparably damaged.

Though I'm curious about the game, the thought experiment that sprang from reading your walk-through was also entertaining. Nice work!

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I love this! Was a beautiful

I love this! Was a beautiful and fun read.