Sylvie's Slime Time


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Kitteys change hitbox when

Kitteys change hitbox when they turn around, so you can get stuck in a wall and gain an extra jump that way - is this intended?

(Also, is being the one with the power to put kitteys together the sylvieverse equivalent of being the Chosen One)

Depends what you mean by

Depends what you mean by Intended. It is not a Crime to use this power....

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first thoughts: this is

first thoughts: this is HARD!

I love the mechanic of sticking kitties to yourself to gain height + width in creative ways. the second room was a lot of fun to figure out.

I occasionally get stuff in the left wall if there's a cat attached underneath me.

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this was SO fun, and also I

this was SO fun, and also I feel very represented for getting to play a game where the protagonist has become slime. the second last level was the peak of difficultly for me, I was so happy when I figured out how to get through it, and manage it! the first time I got up to the star platform, my kittey stack was so tall I couldn't actually walk over to the star...

on the last level, I managed to win using only one kittey, which felt unintentional? or maybe the other kitteys are a red herring. or maybe there's multiple solutions! anything's possible when you're made of slime...

- nikki

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I want

I want a video of you doing this. Video of all of Sylvie's games really. That room with 4 cats is killing me.

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maybe next time I play a

maybe next time I play a sylvie game I will record myself