Frog Frictions (for everythingstaken)

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Game File (Linux): 

My Spring Santa game for everythingstaken!


  1. Frogs
  2. High Score
  3. Fruit

High scores are not (currently?) remembered by the game. 64-bit Windows or Linux is required. Please get in touch with me if you'd like to volunteer for making a Mac build!

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this is maximum arcade high

this is maximum arcade high score game i love it so much!

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Source code release! You

Source code release! You will need a nightly version of Rust to build this. Additionally, you will need to follow the steps given here.

frog_frictions_src.zip550.79 KB
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Screen Shots?

Is there any way to take a screen shot of this game while it's in progress? Seems like whenever I try to take a screen shot of my score at the end of the game, I end up screen-shotting (?) the "world select" screen instead.

Any idea how to make this work? I want to show off my 18,000+ point games... :)

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So you get a screenshot of

So you get a screenshot of an earlier point in the game? Only thing I can think of is to try a different screenshot program, one that can take pictures of OpenGL programs. Am able to screenshot fine from Linux.

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New version! - Added

New version!

- Added gamepad support
- Vertical direction keys no longer override horizontal direction keys. Moving diagonal is now a no-op for better gamepad friendliness.

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WOW I usually don't like

I usually don't like Pacman score-attack-y games, but I liked this! There's a lot of depth here - the split second decisions you have to make about whether to pursue large combos, exploit fruit gimmicks, or just eat as much fruit as you can as quick as you can are really compelling. The levels feel like they were designed, and not random, which is really impressive. Great feel and polish as usual. Absolutely amazing work. Holy crap!

Best score I got in a world was 15279.

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I've been playing this quite a bit over the past few days, it's very fun and pretty much exactly what I wanted! I know I've probably already told you this over Discord, but I'll talk about some things maybe I noticed while playing it recently. One of my favorite parts is that it is an arcade game with a frog and it's not Frogger, it's a Pac-Man style game. I immediately thought that was really funny for some reason. I love how complicated the point rules are! It feels complicated in a way that some of my earlier games were, which I think makes it a perfect gift game for me. It is fun to think about not only what is the best way to get a high score, but also the best way to get through levels the quickest. I also like that there is a persistence in the case of your position on the screen. It feels so elegant that you start at the point of the last fruit that you ate, so there's this larger strategy about knowing what the next level is going to be. I also love the random levels. This makes me wish it were an arcade machine in the style of Black Emperor (where every week the random seed changes and the high score resets with each new seed). I also love the graphics and polish. You nailed the 00's freeware game vibe in a way that still feels fresh and creative. I think the fun rotating fruits, great frog animation, and juicy level transitions elevates it from being too retro in that way. I will probably be playing this quite a lot in my free time in the future. So fun, thank you! :-)

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wow, hecka polish here. lol i had to throw out the scoring system out the window in order to survive and get the hang of it. then learn the rules little by little. 2000 points but getting better. i dont usually care for arcade games but this santa event has been producing really fun ones!!

also, i probably bring this up but i love the open spaces, there's another game eat girl ( that has these too - nice to see more room to manoeuvre