Goodie Two Shoes

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The file is large so I put it on itch.

You drive around and do a favor for a wolf with hands.
There are a few things scattered around, I just added stuff as I desired and eventually ran out of time.
Instructions on how to play are in the game. Endings are not clear, press alt f4 to quit.

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I enjoyed it. Despite the

I enjoyed it. Despite the fact that it is one very broken game; from a technical point of view it's possibly the worst game I've ever played, a true trainwreck. The camera has a life of its own. The pop in of buildings meant I crashed into things that weren't there a second before. I could feel textures fighting to be born. And I do have a fairly decent PC. But it's very brokenness made for some fascinating experiences; I particularly enjoyed driving underwater and that when I drove off the edge of the map the van and the giant hand performed an endless midair dance to the accordion music. The overall feel? A 60s road movie based on Carlos Castaneda and made in Morrowind? It works just about enough that I could do the quest for the wolf. I liked the factory a lot; I have no idea how you did some of the effects in there. Looking at the credits it is clear that there are things I haven't seen yet. I ran it a number of times - sometimes I deliberately broke things (e.g. driving off the edge of the map), other times things happened such as getting the van stuck in a building but I do intend to play some more as I want to see what else there is. IIRC you referred to it on Discord as a 'mess' and it is but I'd rather have a mess like this than any number of boring generic games.

I Wonder


Clyde, I was initially wondering if you'd attended the talk or if you found the recording of it. Then I remembered to check the credits.

Then I realized you could have been there, anyway. So were you able to attend?

Is this game your "warm hand" passing on those teachings? :)

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As I get more and more into

As I get more and more into Buddhism stuff it is becoming a priority in the sense that if I do the other things that I enjoy (such as making computer-games), I want to incorporate Buddhadharma. When I watch the talks by the nuns at Sravasti Abbey, they often begin the talk or meditation by "setting our intention" which is typically the liberation of all sentient beings. I've really found value in that attention to intention and I wanted to do it when making this game by putting the Buddha statue in there to help me keep in mind what I would like the game to approach. It worked pretty well and I will probably continue to do it this way. Kinda start with a Buddha image for visualization purposes and build the rest of the game out with Buddha present.
I was not at that talk, but Gil Fronsdal talks have been very helpful in providing me with lucidity on some of the concepts Buddhadharma focuses on. When listening to this talk, I feel like it is just such a wonderfully simple explanation of some of what Buddhadharma can offer. It's just my favorite Fronsdal talk so far and I had to choose. I've never been to California.