The Thing That Came To This Game Jam

Sat, Sep 12 2020 11:18 PM
09/13/2020 - 06:18
11/01/2020 - 23:59

THE THING THAT CAME TO THIS GAME JAM, an event about spooky, strange, and just-plain-weird things that come to a specific geographic location.

Your task: find a random city somewhere in the world using the random generator linked below, and then make a small, medium, or large game about an unforeseen - and life-altering - visitation.

Step 1: Find a Location
Use this random generator to select cities from across the world, and pick a city from the range of selections provided.

(You can also change the options in the generator to select only USA cities, as if that place wasn't already messed-up enough.)

Step 2: Bring Out The [fill in the blank here] Thing
Something strange - or at least unexpected - comes to this town. What is it? What changes? Who does it affect? Will that town ever be the same again? Is it a living thing? Is it an UNliving thing? Is it a concept? Is it an existential threat? Is it an ever-evolving, ever-changing thing itself?

Bonus points provided if your [fill in the blank here] Thing is in some way connected to the town's:

  • geographic location
  • climate
  • landmarks or notable features
  • people and culture

Step 3: Post Your Game Here
If it's not obvious in the game's title, let us know the location in the game description. Where will your game take us?

Keep your game kind to others, but feel free to make it spooky, spoopy, funny, incisive, terrifying, insightful, inciteful, and so on.

Games made for The Thing That Came To This Game Jam


O shit

Im new and just saw this but if i have time later today hopefully i can churn something out cuz id like to participate!!

Right On

Show us whatcha got, ggnoni...! :)


ok i have 2 frames on a flicksy game but have to go to work soon...Prob gonna call it quits. but if there's a next time the I don't have to scramble to do I'd like to try again!

1st November

Well, you have until the start of -next- month, so hopefully that's enough time to figure out a few more screens...?


My bad I thought the deadline was October 1st! I was surprised when it still seemed open today, lmao...
Welp! I'll have somethin quick n on time like a hot pocket!!! Can't promise it'll be as delicious!!!!

spiders's picture

Ah, I really like the theme

Ah, I really like the theme for this. Really cool idea! I've never made a spooky game before so this will be a first for me.
I'll be collaborating with krisekrise on something. Hopefully we'll have something cooked up by next week! :>