Wish You Were Here

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Little thing I made over three days for Flatgame Jam 2021 on itch. It's a very personal game; somehow the format of 'flatgames' and the focus on handmade art is particularly appropriate for personal games like this.

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Oceanside Memories

I've been taking myself out to the shore during the off-season for the past several years now, and I enjoy it immensely. I would go there as a kid when family vacations were the stuff of legend. We would go back to school and for the first week my classmates and I would entertain each other with tales of, "So what did you do for summer vacation?!?!" Walking through this flatgame you made, I imagined I was sitting at the lunch table with you and every paragraph I read was listening to you tell it and sketch it out on the back of a paper lunch bag or napkin or something.

Now that I'm old[er?] and alone, I enjoy the solitude. I can still hear the beach and the gulls, but the fairway is closed for the season along with nearly every storefront along the boardwalk. But with my memories I can still hear the music play faintly and the neon lights of the arcades, like you have in your flatgame.

Nice work, and a lovely tribute to some fantastic memories of your past. :)

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Yes, I really enjoyed it. Like hearing a little tale of soemone's youth, told by a friend, experienced intimately with the audio soundtrack. The visuals are so minimal that it allowed me to invent the space in my mind.

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I believe this is the first

I believe this is the first flatgame I've ever played. I really enjoyed it, especially the explanations you put as to why things looked the way they did, the decision to depict things the way you remembered perceiving them as a child instead of how they actually appear. And the way the boundaries fade to black at the edges like a foggy memory was a nice touch too. The sound is great as well.

The part about the lagoon with sailboats and how the radio controlled ones seemed to be cheating was funny to me, since my grandfather enjoyed building boats at one point and I have both a sailboat and one of his old radio controlled boats in my basement. Plus I never cared for amusement park rides either.