Wish You Were Here

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Little thing I made over three days for Flatgame Jam 2021 on itch. It's a very personal game; somehow the format of 'flatgames' and the focus on handmade art is particularly appropriate for personal games like this.

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Oceanside Memories

I've been taking myself out to the shore during the off-season for the past several years now, and I enjoy it immensely. I would go there as a kid when family vacations were the stuff of legend. We would go back to school and for the first week my classmates and I would entertain each other with tales of, "So what did you do for summer vacation?!?!" Walking through this flatgame you made, I imagined I was sitting at the lunch table with you and every paragraph I read was listening to you tell it and sketch it out on the back of a paper lunch bag or napkin or something.

Now that I'm old[er?] and alone, I enjoy the solitude. I can still hear the beach and the gulls, but the fairway is closed for the season along with nearly every storefront along the boardwalk. But with my memories I can still hear the music play faintly and the neon lights of the arcades, like you have in your flatgame.

Nice work, and a lovely tribute to some fantastic memories of your past. :)

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Yes, I really enjoyed it. Like hearing a little tale of soemone's youth, told by a friend, experienced intimately with the audio soundtrack. The visuals are so minimal that it allowed me to invent the space in my mind.